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Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha has a professionally trained Education and Public relations department. The staff deals with a host of issues relating to the areas of Kedushah and Taharah.  The skilled staff members work with an outstanding team of volunteers who provide guidance and on the spot information to women and Mikvah attendants.

Additionally, Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha has conferences, symposiums, and refresher courses for those teaching kallos and mikvah attendants.

The seminars aim to give those in the field the latest tools and updates in their work. The professionally planned workshops provide the participants with the opportunity to recharge physically and spiritually and update their knowledge about their avodas kodesh.

The educational and PR department of Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha produces pamphlets and books to educate the public about the pertinent halachos. This popular booklet is distributed free of charge to hundreds of thousands of readers is reprinted annually. The booklet includes a daily calendar with the sunset times included allowing hundreds of households to calculate the counting and appropriate timings in a clear, convenient, efficient manner.

Merkaz L'Taharat HaMishpacha has a national hotline information phone number where callers can ask halachic questions, listen to lectures, and receive information.

The hotline number is 0772222200.