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Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha was established seventy-eight years ago to ensure that all women in Israel can keep the halachos of Taharat Ha'Mishpacha.

The Merkaz accomplishes this through construction, renovation, maintenance and repairs of Mikvahs. Additionally, extensive efforts in the realm of education and public relations are expended. Educational materials are distributed in numerous languages. Trained volunteers make home visits to providing support and guidance to families, Special conferences and events are held across the country in response to the emerging needs.

Merkaz L'Taharas Ha'Mishpacha was founded in 1942 (5702) by Rabbi Ephraim Zalmen Halpern with the encouragement and under the leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Goldman of Zvhil Zatza"l. After the passing of Reb Shlomo, fondly called Reb Shlom'ke, the Posek Ha'Dor Ha'Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Zatza"l was president for twenty years. To date, Rabbi Mordechai Auerbach, Shlit"a has replaced his unforgettable father as president.

It is essential to recognize that many irreligious Jewish women are eager to keep the Mitzvah of Taharas Ha'Mishpacha. Unfortunately, may Mikvahs have been neglected and are run-down and have fallen into disuse, causing women to refrain from using the Mikvah. 

It has been proven that areas where a new modernized luxurious Mikvah is constructed or old run-down premises beautifully renovated, the number of monthly usages continuously rises.

Furthermore, our activities in the educational and public relations departments continuously expand the circle of women who are eager to implement these essential Halachos in their lives.

We have the opportunity to support one of the mainstays of our nation, the chance to touch eternity and influence the future of Klal Israel, by multiplying the number of families who implement the halachos the generations of Jewish women throughout the ages upheld.  Thanks to the activities of the Merkaz tens of thousands of women have brought Kedusha and Taharah into their homes.