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 Dovev is a traditional moshav located in the Northern Galil region near Mt. Meron (7 km. north). The moshav which was founded in 1963 has undergone several upheavals.

To date about two hundred families live in the moshav.

There is no kosher functioning Mikvah in the village. The Mikvah in the village was built over fifty years ago and is no longer functioning.

It is vital that the new Mikvah be up and functioning as soon as possible, because there are many families who although they don’t maintain a religious lifestyle, keep the mitzvah of Taharat Ha’Mishpacha.

The village of Dovev is in an out-of-theway area, not far from the Lebanese border. These factors make driving at night dangerous and the need for a local easily accessible Mikvah very

place location: Northern - Galil region
house Number of residents:  200
Project cost:
The amount required for the project Mikvah Dovev: