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  in Tzurim is a kibbutz that was established in 5706 (1946) in the Gush Etzion region. During Israel's war of independence the kibbutz was captured by  the Jordanian Army.  In 5709 (1949), the expatriates of Ein Tzurim reestablished the kibbutz,at the foothills of the Judean mountains in the territories of the Shapir Regional Council
.The current mikvah in the kibbutz is very old and has only  one preparation room in which the bor tevilah is located
Merkaz L'Taharat Hamishpacha has undertaken to  construct a  large new modern, up-to-date, inviting  facility in an inconspicuous location that  will insure the privacy of the users. The new mikvah will bring an upsurge in families keeping the halachot and increase purity in Israel.
place location: Southern Israel - Kiryat Malachi region
house Number of residents:  870
house Affiliation: Modern Orthodox and Traditional
Project cost:
Choose to partake in part of the project as a zechot/commemoration for your loved ones: