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The city of Beit Sha'an is located in the northern Jordan Valley.  Beit Sha'an is home to approximately twenty thousand residents. Most of the families are traditional Jews. 

The Rabin neighborhood is south of Beit Sha'an and was established fifteen years ago with two hundred families. In the last two years the Rabin neighborhood has multiplied eightfold bringing the current number to over fifteen hundred families.

​Population: Mixed community, Traditional and Modern Orthodox.

There has never been a kosher mikvah in the Rabin neighborhood. The closest facility is a minimum of a half-hour walk. This is especially difficult for the residents on Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim when they cannot use transportation to reach a kosher mikvah.

An easily accessible mikvah in the Rabin neighborhood will cause more families to uphold this important mitzvah.


place location: North of the Jordan Valley
house Number of residents:  7000
house Affiliation: Traditional and Modern Orthodox
Project cost:
Choose to partake in part of the project as a zechot/commemoration for your loved ones: