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Melilot is a moshav in southern Israel, near Netivot. It belongs to the Hapoel Hamizrahi organization and is part of the Sdot Negev Regional Council. It is located near Gaza and often suffers from missile fire. The moshav was founded in 1952 by immigrants from Iran and Kurdistan.

The mikvah that operated in the moshav was old and in very poor condition.

he number of monthly immersions dropped significantly and the mikvah also ceased operations in view of its seriously deteriorating condition – peeling walls, leaks, dampness, kashrut problems and more. The women of the moshav turned to us, to the National Center for Family Purity, and begged us to come and renovate the local mikvah. Following a tour of the site, we saw how serious the situation was and decided to start renovations immediately. 

place location: Southern - near Netivot
house Number of residents:  120
Project cost: