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:About the project Mikvah Rechovot

Rechovot is a mid-sized city located in central Israel. In 1890  Rechovot was a farming village with residents working in the fields and vineyards. To date, Rechovot is a modernized city with universities, hi-tech, and yeshivot. Over 150,000 residents call Rechovot home. 

Last year the Rabbanim of Rechovot organized an emergency meeting where they raised the issue of the Mikvah in the Bar-Ilan neighborhood.

Thousands of families live in the Bar-Ilan neighborhood; most of these families uphold the laws of family purity.

Unfortunately, the Mikvah is no longer usable' due to age and time constraints.

 The local families reached out to the municipality of Rechovot for assistance in renovating the Mikvah.

The Municipality forwarded the request to Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha, who undertook this monumental project and is rebuilding a magnificent state-of-the-art aesthetically beautiful Mikvah which will service the thousands of residents of the Bar-Ilan neighborhood.

Construit il y a 50 ans, le Mikvé actuel est actuellement hors d’usage, ce qui porte préjudice aux milliers de foyers environnants.



The Mikvah was completed in Sivan 5780. (6.2020) decoration


Technical details

  • Bar Ilan street
  • About 5000 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Rechovot can now be completed

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