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About a project Mikvah Chazon

Moshav Chazan is a small village of four hundred people located in the regional district of Merom Hagalil. 

The settlement was established in 1969, with religious and traditional families living together.

The half a century old Mikvah has served the residents well over the past fifty years. However, age factors, poor maintenance, and negligence have caused many women to avoid stepping foot in the current premises, and the usage of the Mikvah has dwindled to almost null greatly compromising the Taharat Ha’Mishpacha of the families in Chazon.


Age factors, poor maintenance, and negligence have caused the residents to avoid using the current Mikvah. decoration


Technical details

  • Northern Israel - Upper Galil
  • About 50 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Chazon can now be completed

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