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About a project Mikvah Avnei Chefetz

Avnei Chefetz is a religious community in the Shomron Regional Council, located in northern Shomron near the city of Shchem and south-east of Tulkarm, near Beit Rabban Hill.

The over 600 family Modern Orthodox community has more than 2000 residents.

The current Mikvah is small, and old-fashioned and does not answer the needs of the residents who live in the village.

Avnei Chefetz is in the midst of expansion with many homes being added to the village.

Merkaz L’Taharat Ha’Mishpacha has undertaken to renovate the current Mikvah to provide for the current and future needs of families living in Avnei Chefetz.


Technical details

  • North of Shomron
  • About 600 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Avnei Chefetz can now be completed

Possibilities and options to donate to project
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