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About the project Mikvah Carmei Katif

Carmei Katif is a settlement in southern Israel which is under the jurisdiction of the Lachish Municipality. The settlement was established after the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip

. The residents who chose to move together to maintain their structure as an established Kehilla were moved to Caravillas - Pre-fabricated caravans - that have become their permanent homes.

Over one hundred families live in Carmei Katif with major construction planned for the near future to enable another few hundred families to join the community.

To date, there is NO Mikvah in the settlement.


The Mikvah was completed in Nisan 5780. (4.2020) decoration


Technical details

  • South
  • About 100 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Carmei Katif can now be completed

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