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:About the project Mikvah Shilo

Shilo community, built in the Binyamin region, was founded in the area where the mishkan stood for 369 years. The close communal atmosphere and the magical feeling of the Yishuv have brought a great growth surge, and the community has doubled its size in the past few years.
Shilo has a womens Mikveh that was built about 20 years ago. the mikve is old, too small for the growing community and suffers from poor insulation and  outdated systems.
Due to the growth and development of Shilo and the area, the condition if the facilities and the need to offer services to more women, it was decided to enlarge and renovate the Mikveh and build a new and accessible to the disabled facility.
We invite you to join us, taking part in this great cause and helping us create a new center of purity here in the heart of Israel in Shilo. A place where every woman will feel welcome and comfortable, continuing in our mothers footsteps.



Technical details

  • Hevel Binyamin
  • About 420 families
The amount required for the project Mikvah Shilo
About 670,000$

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