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About a project Mikvah Achuzam

Achuzam is a settlement to the south of Kiryat Gat that identifies with the Poel Mizrachi movement. The residents are a combination of religious and irreligious families.

The village is under the jurisdiction of the Lachish Regional Council. Achuzam is named after one of the descendants of Yehuda ben Yaakov Avinu.

The current mikvah is old and is run-down and dilapidated.

The new mikvah will service the neighboring communities that do not have modernized facilities. A special mamad room will protect users in case of war situations and rocket attacks from the Arabs of the Gaza Strip.



The Mikvah was completed in Elul 5780 (8.2021) decoration


Technical details

  • Kiryat Gat Vicinity
  • About 150 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Achuzam can now be completed

Possibilities and options to donate to project
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