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About the project Mikvah Tiberias - Shikun Daled

The old mikvah was built over fifty years ago and is dilapidated and uninviting.

Some of the preparation rooms are unusable. One of the tevilah pools is no longer kosher due to extensive damage to the plumbing system.

The local municipality and residents begged Merkaz LTaharat HaMishpacha to renovate the existing premises, and as usual, Merkaz LTaharat HaMishpacha undertook to finance the project.


The new mikvah will service the local families and the many tourists who visit the city of Tiberias decoration


Technical details

  • Northern Israel
  • About 2000 families
The amount required for the project Mikvah Tiberias - Shikun Daled
About 540,000$

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