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About a project Mikvah Mishan

Mishan is a small town, situated near the city of Ashkelon, and is under the jurisdiction of the Ashkelon Coastal Regional Council.
The settlement was founded in 1949, by Yemenite immigrants. 

About two-hundred mostly secular families live on the moshav.

The current Mikvah in Mishan is dilapidated and is in dire need of renovation.

Due to these circumstances, Merkaz L’Taharat Ha’Mishpacha has undertaken the complete renovation of the existing Mikvah. The existing plumping and electrical infrastructure
will be renewed, and the building will be gutted, with to allow a beautiful modernized Mikvah to be built in its stead. 
pampering experience as befitting this important Mikvah.
It is important to note, the Mikvah in Mishan will be used by the
women of the neighboring villages.


The new Mikvah will provide the women of Mishan with a luxurious decoration


Technical details

  • South
  • About 200 families
The amount required for the project Mikvah Mishan
About 125,000$

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