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About a project Mikvah Omen

Merkaz Omen is a small town in the Ta’anach region of the Jezre’el Valley. Merkaz Omen is under the jurisdiction of the Gilboa Regional Council. Merkaz Omen Center was established in 1958, as a rural center for localities in the area.

Merkaz Omen, a religious and secular community is home to over three hundred fifty residents.

To date, there has never been a kosher Mikvah in Omen, and after intensive efforts a plot was allocated for a Mikvah in Omen.

Merkaz L’Taharat Ha’Mishpacha has undertaken the responsibility to build the first Mikvah in the town. There is no need to elaborate about the importance of this first Mikvah in an area which has never had a facility.

Additionally, the Mikvah in Omen will also be a suitable solution to the lack of a kosher Mikvah for the women of the neighboring areas.


Technical details

  • Jezre’el Valley
  • About 50 families
The amount required for the project Mikvah Omen
About 215,000$

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